Native Negotiations

How to complete the Native Negotiations task for all factions (Lamang Recovery Initiative, Mithras Security Systems and Crimson Shield International) in Gray Zone Warfare.


  • Bring the briefcase to the car repair shop and leave it under the truck’s cabin
    • Collect the briefcase at the command tent in the Base Camp
  • Ensure your survival and do not lose the briefcase

Quick tips

  • If you have the space, put the briefcase in your secure storage box or else it will disappear when you die and you’ll have to go back to the command tent to pick it up again.
  • The area around the car repair shop, as well as the car repair shop itself, is hot with enemies. Make sure to clear them all out before focusing on where to put the briefcase.


Below you can find the location for the car repair shop for all the factions.

How to complete the task

Before leaving the Base Camp grab the briefcase that’s sitting next to the computer in the command tent.

Native Negotiations Briefcase

Be careful because there are quite a few enemies around the car repair shop. There is a large chain-link fence surrounding the car repair shop, once you’ve cleared it go in there and place the briefcase under the truck.

Native Negotiations Truck

Now return to Lab Rat and collect your rewards


  • 15 Combat Tourniquets
  • $3,400 USD
  • 400 Experience
  • 100 Reputation with Lab Rat