Meds Wanted

How to complete the Meds Wanted task for all factions (Lamang Recovery Initiative, Mithras Security Systems and Crimson Shield International) in Gray Zone Warfare.


  • Hand over the UNLRA medical supplies to Lab Rat
    • Find the UNLRA medical supplies at the town’s water tower

Quick tips

  • The area around the tower has quite a few enemies, so make sure to approach the area with caution.
  • The medical supply box you need to pick up takes up a 2×2 space in your inventory so make sure you have room for it.


How to complete the task

After you gear up, head to the water tower and clear out the enemies around the water tower.

By the water tower there will be a building with 2 doors, go to the right door and on a shelf in the back of the back of the room there will be a medical supply box you need to grab.

Here’s the door you need to enter:

Meds Wanted Building

Here’s where the medical supplies are located:

Meds Wanted Supplies

After you’ve collected the supplies you can head back to Base Camp and hand them over to Lab Rat for your rewards.


  • 10 Combat Tourniquets
  • $2,300 USD
  • 400 Experience
  • 100 Reputation with Lab Rat

Mission Description

Hi, you must be new here. My name is Jie, but you can call me Lab Rat. Everybody else here already does, but I don’t mind. Actually, I think it’s rather cute. Makes me feel like a real soldier, having a proper callsign like that. a-ten-hut, or whatever you guys say, right?

Anyway, since you’re here, I have a job for you. We’re facing a critical shortage of medical supplies after the recent attack, Our people are in desperate need, and it’s up to us to find a solution. The UNLRA has left quite a lot of their supplies here after their hasty evacuation, and I’ve gotten reports of one of their trucks parked near the town’s water tower. I think they used the office building nearby as an improvised distro center, so I’d look around there if i were you.

Just keep in mind that areas outside our base might be hazardous, so please be careful! There’s no room for mistakes when it comes to securing the well-being of our team, and I need you on your feet, not lying on a stretcher with a bullet hole in your gut.

Once you’ve gathered the supplies, bring them back to the base camp for immediate distribution. Good luck out there! Dismissed! Am I saying that right?