Lost and Found


  • Find Kanoa Sinarath


  • SurKit
  • $2,700 USD
  • 400 Experience
  • 100 Lab Rat Reputation

Mission Description

Here’s the text extracted from the image you uploaded:

We have a pressing matter at hand. Several individuals went missing amid the chaotic evacuation, and their families are desperate for answers. It’s our duty to help bring them some semblance of closure.

I’ve compiled a list of names and last known locations. Your task is to search for any leads, gather information, and track down these missing individuals. We’ll start with the first one and take it from there.

Kanoa Sihrath. He is a clerk in the local construction shop and was last seen during the final stages of the evacuation.

Remember, we’re not just searching for answers. We’re offering hope to those left behind, waiting for news. Our efforts can bring them solace in a time of uncertainty. Let’s not disappoint them.