Cache Retrieval


  • Find and mark the cache in one of the town’s warehouses
  • Find and mark the cache in a shed at the town’s lumberyard


  • 180 HBT 5.56
  • 3 M26 Grenades
  • $4,100 USD
  • 400 Experience
  • 100 Gunny Reputation

Mission Description

So, you’re one of the new recruits, huh? Answering the call for action and adventure, or just in it for the paycheck? Makes no damn difference to me. Just do your job well, don’t get killed, and you and I won’t have any problems, got it? The name’s Jackson. Anton Jackson. But everyone here just calls me Gunny. Now that we have the pleasantries out of the way, I have a job for you.

Some people here don’t want to admit it, but we took a beating, plain and simple. Whoever was behind the attack was no ordinary local force. They were trained, well-equipped, and put some serious hurt on us. We had to abandon our positions, leaving behind a lot of gear. Now it’s your turn to help us clean up this mess.

We’ve got weapons caches unaccounted for out there, and your job is to find them and mark their exact locations. I can give you their last known coordinates, but we need to be sure they’re still there. We can’t let those weapons fall into the wrong hands, so once you’re done, we’ll dispatch a team to recover or destroy them if needed. You got all that? Good, now go make yourself useful!

Oh, and don’t forget to bring a few GPS trackers with you! I’ll send you some, but if you manage to lose them, you can always buy more from me. What? You think that shit grows on trees or something?